• Wetrooms
    Microtopping is suitable for walls and floors including bathrooms and wetrooms

  • Stairs
    Microtopping is suitable for finishing or restoring pre-cast concrete steps and stairs

  • Acid Stain Effect
    Microtopping can be acid stained creating a truly artistic look and feel

  • Kitchen
    A Polished Concrete look can be simple but very effective in many settings

  • Waterproof
    Microtopping can be used in wet environments on worktops bath surrounds and wetrooms

  • Colours
    Different looks and finishes are acquired by using different colours and application methods

  • Unique
    As can be seen here Microtopping colours and finishes are only limited by the imagination with a variety of effects achievable

Microtopping Resin Flooring Devon Cornwall Somerset

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Microtopping and Concrete Toppings





Due to its characteristics, colour options, hand applications and finishing techniques it allows us to create unique individual designs with expertise Suitable for interior and exterior situations with it’s high abrasion resistance making it suitable for domestic, retail and commercial applications for both new and renovations. Due to Microtopping being such a versatile type of resin flooring (domestic and industrial) you are not limited to just walls and floors. We can create beautiful wet rooms and artistic worktops and even carry it across your ceilings. Having very high adhesion properties and flexural strength it can be applied over many different substrates including concrete, screed, plasterboard, wood, tile backer boards, under floor heating and many more. Its a cliche, but the imagination is it's only real limitation.




Concrete Toppings


Our decorative concrete toppings for floors and work surfaces which are suitable for residential area’s, retail and commercial spaces providing a bespoke clean seamless finish which is durable, easy to clean and maintain and will stand the test of time.


Available in 11 popular colours or choose a colour unique for your project as we can integrally colour them or apply acid stain and or water base dyes. We can add aggregate, glass, marble chips etc to create your very own unique bespoke design.






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