Polished Concrete

Polished concrete or concrete polishing is being specified by many architects and interior designers and it is easy to see why.

Simply put this is a unique extremely attractive aesthetically pleasing seamless floor with its limitless possibilities it becomes your very own personal bespoke floor!

Our concrete polishing process is offered to Domestic, retail, and commercial clients. We use specialised equipment and diamond tooling best suited to each project allowing us to work both cost effectively and efficiently.

New concrete floors at the very design stage you can add your own colours to the matrix and specify the type colour and size off aggregates, once ground, exposed and polished you have your very own bespoke designer stunning looking floor. Polishing the cream only this seems to be the new trend, Dry shakes can be added at the installation process to give you patternation, depth and tonal colour.

Existing concrete floors need love too! You want to change the colour, We are not only able to polish these floors but we can also apply stains and dyes.

We offer a free sample polish. and we are able to offer a poor and polish concrete floor too!