Resin Flooring – Microtopping

Microtopping is a fantastic resin, cement based modified polymer product which allows us to create one off, unique, seamless and attractive surfaces. It can be applied over many different floorings already in place and the resin flooring is so versatile that you are not just limited to floors and walls.

Although we are most frequently requested to work with Microtopping, we also install Concrete Toppings.

Microtopping is cement based, applied at a similar thickness to a credit card, Due to its characteristics, colour options and hand application and finishing techniques it allows us to create individual designs with expertise. Its a cliche, but the imagination is it’s only real limitation.

Due to Microtopping being such a versatile type of resin flooring (domestic and industrial) you are not limited to just walls and floors. We can create beautiful wet rooms and artistic worktops and even carry it across your ceilings. Having very high adhesion properties and flexural strength the resin can be applied over many different substrates including concrete, screed, plasterboard, wood, tilebacker boards, under floor heating and many more.

The abrasion resistance off Microtopping is very high, which makes it ideal for commercial and retail outlets such as hotels, restaurants, shops, schools, pubs and clubs. It can also help make a beautiful home for the individual.

Microtopping is suitable for interior and exterior applications bringing new life to old existing surfaces and as a beautiful resin finish for new surfaces.

We have a range of protective sealers which will help keep it protected and easy to clean.

We are able to apply Microtopping seamlessly across your floors and walls making Microtopping a great addition for those with an artistically finished decor style.

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