Stone Floor Restoration

Has your floor lost its wow factor? Remember when it was first installed and you admired the depth of colour and level of shine it had? Is it looking dull, worn or tired, old or dirty? Maybe the floor has become chipped and cracked, damaged and stained? We have a tested, expert solution…[Read more about Stone Floor Restoration]

Resin Flooring – Microtopping

Microtopping is a fantastic single application polymer resin product which allows us to create one off, unique, seamless and attractive surfaces. It can be applied over many different floorings that are already in place and the resin is so versatile that you are not just limited to floors and walls…[Read more about Resin Flooring & Microtopping]

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is very popular in the UK. It is being specified by architects and interior designers on both new and old properties and is widely used in commercial properties. Not only is it attractive and pleasing on the eye, it is also hard wearing, cost effective, low maintenance and easy to keep clean…[Read more about Polished Concrete]

Floor Preparation

With our specialised planetary machines and diamond grinding process which is hooked up to extract associated dust we are able to remove old layers of epoxy and paint plus old tile adhesive and self levelling compounds for instance. Leaving the old floor smooth so it is ready to except a new floor covering…[Read more about Floor Preparation]